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    Lotus Evora GT430

    Lotus Evora GT430 : the fastest and most expensive Lotus ever

    It’s the noise from the titanium exhaust that does it. Race-bred, it sounds quivering enough inside the Lotus GT430, but trackside at the Lotus Hethel test circuit, it sends a cold shiver down your spine.

    The new GT430, in its full-on wing-and-splitter guise, is one of the most rewarding cars you’ll find for a track day.

    Immensely fast – 0-62mph in 3.8 seconds, and a touch quicker with the auto ’box, plus less than eight seconds to 100mph) – there are so much grip, braking power and balance that you’ll feel like a champion as you scythe around a circuit at simply astonishing speeds.


Follow the racing action live:

Live Streaming: http://www.thehistorictour.co.za/live_streaming/

Live Timing: http://www.protiming.co.za/

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02 October – Juan du Toit
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19 October – Glen Clark
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2017 Points Standing

Class B:

220  Jeffrey Kruger
168  Jeff Gable
117   David Jermy
84    Thomas Falkiner
80    Sean Hewitt
62    Rob Gearing
41    Carel Schaap
33    Anton Guse
30    Fred Alberts
26    Allan Spies
22    Byron Oliver
20    Nolan Cohen
18    Ettienne Strydom
16    Connor Jones
16    Jannie van Niekerk
11     John Oliver
3      Bryan Greyling
2      Rob Mordeaunt
1      Chris Hooman
1      Bryan Greyling
2     Andrew Kynaston

Class L:

142    Juan du Toit
136    Wesley Maxwell
131     Ben Knights
120    Mackie Adlem
109    Johan Viviers
68      Rudi Barnard
54      Willy Lochman
41      David Coetzee
22     Andreas Casillo
15      Andre Human
9        Neil de Later
5        Roland Hopkins
4        Andre du Plessis
3        Philip Additcott

Class C:

22   Len Marshall
16    Rowan Blomquist
13    Chris Woolley
12    Jannie van Niekerk
12    Garry van Jaarsveldt

Class T:

20   Neil de Later
4      Sean Allen
4      Anton Muller