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Valveless Duke Axial Engine

The Valveless Duke Axial Engine Is Lighter, More Compact, & More Powerful Than Conventional Engines… With Less Moving Parts!

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The following members will be celebrating their birthday this month. Congratulations from the TLR.

If it is your birthday, and your name does not appear above, please inform the webmaster.

01 January - Edward Booth
05 January - Johan Gouws
07 January - Gawie Blignaut
08 January - Andrew Jackson
09 January - Petter Ivanov
10 January - John Kruger
10 January - Hennie Trollip
10 January - Andrew Coates
12 January - Willem Greeff
12 January - Clive Wilmot
16 January - Lauren Muller
16 January - Hans Castelyn
17 January - Derek Rowbotham
18 January - Ron Liddiard
24 January - Peter Schmidt-Loffler
25 January - Anton Muller
25 January - Alfred Maraun
26 January - Johann van Niekerk
28 January - Stanley Black
28 January - Bryce Watson
29 January - Curtis Van Biljon
29 January - Martin Joubert
29 January - Lucy Mcgowan
29 January - Grant Findlay
30 January - Marnix Willems
31 January - Robin Botha
31 January - Norman Witt
31 January - Warren Muir


Check out the Classified Ads Section for updates.
All Classified Ads are removed after roughly one month from the date of them being posted on the website. Should you wish to re-advertise any items OR have found / sold an item on the Ads section, kindly send an e-mail with the details to the webmaster

Be sure to view the Gallery section. If you have taken some pictures yourself, feel free to send them to the webmaster for upload onto the webpage, or bring a CD along to the next Noggin with the photos on and give it to Jonathan Matos.

Click here to view the Events Calendar.  To download the 2014 Events card click on the link at the bottom of that screen.

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More News
05-Dec-2014 16 Dec Charity Breakfast run
01-Dec-2014 R.I.P. Dave
01-Nov-2014 TLR Year-end function
23-Jun-2014 Lotus Challenge racing - Kyalami
22-May-2014 R.I.P. Gordon
18-Apr-2014 Good Friday holiday breakfast run
10-Feb-2014 Start polishing – concours time is back again!
31-Dec-2013 Happy new year from the TLR...
05-Dec-2013 TLR Year end function
21-Oct-2013 TLR Year-end Function


Upcoming Events
Date Event
31-Jan Passion of Speed
14-Feb George Classic Car Show
15-Feb TLR Skidpan day

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