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    Exige Sport 410

    • New series production model for revised Exige range
    • Ultimate road car developed directly from the track focused Exige Cup 430
    • 0-60 mph in 3.3 secs, 410 hp, 420 Nm, dry weight from 1,054 kg
    • Outstanding performance from 389 hp per tonne
    • 150 kg of downforce
    • Available in Coupe and Roadster configurations











    With a stunning combination of raw speed and real-world ability, the Lotus Exige Sport 410 joins a line-up like no other to complete the Exige family of peerless sports cars.


Follow the racing action live:

Live Streaming: http://www.thehistorictour.co.za/live_streaming/

Live Timing: http://www.protiming.co.za/

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02-Oct Juan du Toit
03-Oct Anthony Dos Santos
03-Oct Suma Smit
04-Oct Dave Sinclair
07-Oct Joe Dos Santos
07-Oct Justin Brown
12-Oct Eric de Kock
12-Oct Natie Ferreira
15-Oct Antonio De Freitas
15-Oct Len Marshall
16-Oct David Coetzee
19-Oct Fred Manson
19-Oct Glen Clark
21-Oct Jean Barty
22-Oct Tinus Bronkhorst
22-Oct Jason Coetzee
22-Oct Wendy Chitty
24-Oct Wayne Grayson
26-Oct Klaas Kramer
29-Oct Uwe Wiele
31-Oct Giles Millard

04-Nov Brian Greyling
04-Nov Allan Dawson
04-Nov Gerald Jarrett
06-Nov Alan Keevy
09-Nov Steve Harrison
09-Nov Johan Pieterse
13-Nov Tassilo Mathiessen
15-Nov Andrea Casillo
17-Nov Alan Groom
20-Nov Paul Whalley
26-Nov Dick Stringer
26-Nov Andre Dafel
27-Nov Garry van Jaarsveldt
28-Nov Meg Houghton
29-Nov Brian Fraser

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2018 Points Standing

Class B
198 Jeffrey Kruger
128 Thomas Falkiner
112 Johan Nel
104 Dave Jermy
102 Rob Gearing
100 Jeff Gable
81 Byron Oliver
54 John Oliver
30 Sean Hewitt
30 Carel Schaap
29 Anton Guse
26 Allan Spies
24 Brad Benningfield
24 Fred Alberts
23 Andrew Kynaston
21 Johan Viviers
19 Ettienne Strydom

Class L
164 Mackie Adlem
138 Andre Human
125 Rudi Barnard
110 Roland Hopkins
98  David Coetzee
90  Juan du Toit
84  Ben Knights
75  Pieter van Aardt
44  Ruan van der Walt
43  Philip Addicott
40  Gys van der Walt


Enduro Points
76 Jeff Gable
62 John Oliver
40 Byron Oliver


Index of Performance (Top 3)
193 Pieter van Aardt
182 Andre Human
172 Johan Nel


Masters (Top 3)
102 Rob Gearing
98 David Coetzee
54 John Oliver


75 Pieter van Aardt