Neil de Later

Exige Sport 410

  • New series production model for revised Exige range
  • Ultimate road car developed directly from the track focused Exige Cup 430
  • 0-60 mph in 3.3 secs, 410 hp, 420 Nm, dry weight from 1,054 kg
  • Outstanding performance from 389 hp per tonne
  • 150 kg of downforce
  • Available in Coupe and Roadster configurations











With a stunning combination of raw speed and real-world ability, the Lotus Exige Sport 410 joins a line-up like no other to complete the Exige family of peerless sports cars.

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Lotus Evora GT430

Lotus Evora GT430 : the fastest and most expensive Lotus ever

It’s the noise from the titanium exhaust that does it. Race-bred, it sounds quivering enough inside the Lotus GT430, but trackside at the Lotus Hethel test circuit, it sends a cold shiver down your spine.

The new GT430, in its full-on wing-and-splitter guise, is one of the most rewarding cars you’ll find for a track day.

Immensely fast – 0-62mph in 3.8 seconds, and a touch quicker with the auto ’box, plus less than eight seconds to 100mph) – there are so much grip, braking power and balance that you’ll feel like a champion as you scythe around a circuit at simply astonishing speeds. Continue reading

Mazda pioneers sparkless ultra-high compression petrol engine

New tech claimed to boost fuel efficiency by 30 per cent; likely to debut in all-new 2018 Mazda3

Mazda will introduce a pioneering new engine next year that’s claimed to return 30 per cent better fuel consumption by combusting petrol without a spark plug, using ultra-high compression.

According to Japanese news site, the new technology will be a world first when it’s introduced towards the end of 2018 — most likely in the next-generation Mazda3.

Lotus 7 – 60th Commemorative USB FlashDrive

Celebrate 60 years of the Lotus 7

Specially designed commemorative 8GB memory stick.

This unique piece is available at all TLR Noggins, Race Meetings, Breakfast Runs and any other TLR events at a very reasonable price of R200.

If you are unable to attend one of these events, please feel free to contact any of the TLR committee members and make arrangements to get your hands on one.  We have had a reasonable number made but we expect them to move rather quickly.

Please support this drive as we know everybody needs memory sticks and here is your chance for a limited edition special item.

For more info, contact any of the TLR committee members

2018 Points Standing

Man of the Year (Top 5)
75 Ron Kynaston
60 Carel Schaap
55 Colin Giles
55 Milton Summers
55 Brandon Richards


Woman of the Year (Top 5)
45 Lana Le Roux
35 Denise Summers
35 Claire Westaway
30 Nelize Nel
30 Heather Friedenstein


Class B
136 Jeffrey Kruger
92 Rob Gearing
80 Thomas Falkiner
73 Johan Nel
52 Jeff Gable
50 Dave Jermy
37 Byron Oliver
21 John Oliver
21 Johan Viviers
19 Anton Guse
12 Sean Hewitt
10 Andrew Kynaston
10 Fred Alberts
9 Len Marshall
9 Ettienne Strydom
8 Carel Schaap
8 Richard Benningfield
2 Nolan Cohen
1 Clive Wilmot


Class L
112 Mackie Adlem
85 Roland Hopkins
68 Andre Human
61 Rudi Barnard
59 Juan du Toit
57 Ben Knights
54 David Coetzee
33 Philip Addicott
32 Pieter van Aardt
5 Justin Brown
5 Gys van der Walt


Enduro Points
52 John Oliver
52 Jeff Gable
40 Byron Oliver


Index of Performance (Top 3)
130 Pieter van Aardt
129 Philip Addicott
125 Johan Nel


Masters (Top 3)
92 Rob Gearing
54 David Coetzee
33 Philip Addicott


32 Pieter van Aardt