For those not familiar with the “Lotus Challenge” rules, the document attached to the bottom of this page contains the official rules as  approved and published by Motor Sport South Africa (MSA).  It can get a bit confusing and should you wish to ask questions please do not hesitate to contact either the Chairman or the Racing Representative.

Simply put, there are 4 Championship classes: B, C, L and T as well as the Invitation Class X

Class B:
This Class stipulates the use of the Toyota 1600cc 20V engine (Standard) only This class runs on Dunlop “R” Type rubber of which you are only permitted to use two sets per season.

Minimum weight is 630kg (Car and driver)

This class is aimed at the cost conscious competitive individual and currently is  The most popular class attracting large entry fields.

Class C:

This class accommodates the fully legal road car. Engines are limited to 4 cylinder normally aspirated and are relatively free from the modification point of view and so are tyres (Road legal which includes Semi slicks) but no slicks allowed. All road gear such as full windscreen, headlights etc must be fitted. Many of these cars are driven to and from the circuit. This is for the ultimate clubman competitor and is a great starting ground for first timers.

Class L:
This class was formally initialised in 2012 / 2013, and is based on the Locost designed car. Engines are limited to the 1600 Ford Rocam motor.  Please see the regs for more details.

Besides the engine various other component and running gear are specified.

Minimum weight is 650kg (Car and driver)

Class T:

This class started in 2016 as a club championship class.

This Class stipulates the use of the NISSAN SR20DET Turbo charged engine (Standard component and boost) Slick tyres are permitted but are limited to two sets per year.


Invitation Class:
From 2008 a new Invitation class has been created for the purpose of accommodating as many competitors as reasonably possible, competitors with Lotus type cars not eligible for any of the Lotus Challenge classes, may be permitted to compete by invitation at the discretion of the Committee. See rules for more detail

No Rotary engines are permitted and four cylinder engines only may be eligible with a maximum capacity of 2000cc.

I hope that this has been sufficient to wet your appetite so please download the rules and have a more in-depth read.

Class C Cut-off Lap times:

01:25.500   Dezzi

01:39.000   East London

02:01.500   Kyalami

00:51.000   Lichtenburg

01:16.500   Midvaal

01:54.500   Phakisa

02:16.500   Red Star A

02:16.500   Red Star C

01:12.000   Zwartkops


The Rules and Guide to Participation in the Lotus Challenge are available for download below.


Click here to download the Racing Regulations 2019 MSA Northern Regions Lotus Regulations (161856)

Click here to download the Racing Indemnity

Clich here to download the TLR Number Backing

Clich here to download the TLR Rookie Info List

Clich here to download the TLR Rules Questionnaire