The Lotus Register of South Africa provides a home for every Lotus enthusiast in southern Africa.  Established in 1985, this club caters for the needs of all those who love these very special cars.

What’s in it for you?

Members are able to share their interest in everything Lotus with other like-minded individuals.  There is a strong focus on driving the cars and the club organises various events to allow people to get out on the road or track.  These include:

  • Driver training – helping drivers to get the best out of their cars under safe, controlled conditions with expert instructors in attendance.
  • Track days, driving tests, skid-pan work and gymkhanas.
  • Track racing – The Lotus Challenge racing series takes place on tracks in various parts of the country.

There is a strong social side to the club as well which takes in events like:

  • A monthly meeting (Noggin) – often with presentations by experts on matters of interest to members.
  • A monthly breakfast run.
  • Long distance runs.
  • Attendance at shows such as Cars in the Park in Pretoria and in Pietermaritzburg.

The club is also a repository of technical expertise and members have access to a vast knowledge-base relating to car building, tuning and set up, as well as to experts in just about every field of motoring with a bearing on Lotus.


Because South African Lotus owners have different needs from their fellows in many overseas countries, the founders of The Lotus Register in South Africa took a policy decision to be as inclusive as possible.  Accordingly, the club caters for all varieties of Lotus cars, as well as for replicas of acceptable quality.

A typical gathering will see Lotus Seven replicas, newer Lotus models such as Esprits, Elises and Exiges, along with older models such as Lotus Elans, Plus Twos and Europas.

The Lotus Challenge race series

The Lotus Challenge is a race series for Lotus Seven-type cars, divided into classes ranging from full-on racing cars on slick tyres to cars that can be driven on the road.  A feature of the club is the remarkable camaraderie among the members, whether it is the racers or the social members.

Many a car has been re-built in the pits with drivers who are competing for a championship contributing tools, parts and expertise to get a rival back in action.

The club’s culture is to get another competitor back in action, even if it means that he or she beats you in the next race.  And yes, we do have drivers of both sexes participating – in both competitive and social events!

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The Lotus heritage

Purchasers of new model Lotus cars – Elises, Exiges and Europas – are buying into a marque with an amazing history.  Those modern cars embody qualities that were pioneered by Lotus-founder Colin Chapman back in the very early 1950s.  His cars were built to be light yet strong, and to provide exceptional road-holding and handling, along with supreme performance – all characteristics of modern Lotus cars too.  Lotus cars have always been highly innovative and the creative genius of Colin Chapman introduced a host of pioneering features, many of which are commonplace today.  Modern Lotus cars have followed the same innovative path – for example, the Elise/ Exige series broke new ground with its extruded aluminium chassis and use of aircraft-type adhesives for strength and light weight.

On the race track, Lotus cars won numerous Formula One constructors’ championships and their drivers have been world champions on many occasions.  This along with class wins at Le Mans and overall wins at the Indianapolis 500 makes Lotus cars incredibly special in the eyes of their proud owners

Membership and further information:

Members say that if driving your Lotus is fun, driving it in the company of other like-minded people is more than twice the fun!

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